We arrived in Paris at 8:30-ish a.m.! It was so exciting to finally be here after our llooonggg flight and actually not having lost luggage! woo! The flight was pretty uneventful, we had some bad turbulence taking off but it smoothed out shortly.  I sat separate from my group because i bought my ticket separately! I was at least 20 rows ahead of everyone! hahaha.  I sat next to a family, a mom and her two kids.  I though they spoke english but several points during the flight all three would huddle and then look over at me and speak in a foreign language! hahaha. I watched Changeling and then i took melatonin and Tylenol pm!!!  You know me and my sleeping pills! hahaha.  The french customs was us walking through automatic opening doors, no security was even standing by them! So, we all walked outside and grouped up, then we split up into our TAXI groups!! 

Brittany and i got into a taxi with a hatch back thing.  It took about 5 minutes to position our suitcases in the back! hahaha. We had very big suitcases for such a small car!  He typed in our address in his GPS and we headed out!

In the taxi

Brittany and I in the taxi!!

 He had tried to talk to us a little but other than that it was a quiet ride!  I was watching his GPS and realized that he kept passing up the exits to go to our house, and i was very concerned!!  He told us he was from Haiti and that Paris was the best country ever….He ended up taking a touristy route to the house and brought us by the arc de triomphe!  Then we got to our house and it is exactly what google earth showed me! 🙂 The taxi driver helped get our luggage out!  We got to the door and typed in our secret code and I struggled opening the door, then i realized it was a push door! Once inside the lobby we had to “ring” their apartment.  We didn’t know what to say since they answered with french so we just said, “Bonjour!”  and he let us in! hahahahhaha. 

We left our big suitcases downstairs because we didn’t think there was an elevator and our family is on the third floor!! We hiked all the way up there and met the son, Timothe and his girlfriend, Laura.   They invited us in but we told them we had more luggage (all in english and they knew what we were saying!! 🙂 ) We then saw that there was an elevator and that made it much easier for us!  They laughed at how much we had packed.  We then went into the dining room and sat down.  Laura made us coffee and tea and Timothe talked with us.   They were super funny!  Then a lady walks in and starts talking into us with a perfect english accent and I was soo confused! I though, wow, this lady rents out rooms to so many different people! HAHAHA.   It turns out that there are two sisters staying here, Janet lives in california (she has ten kids!) and Julie (maybe?? sorrryyy) lives in arizona (she has 5 kids), and they were here working in Lourdes at  a catholic thing and then stayed with Sarah, our madame (host mommy) here, they know her brother-in-law back in the states so he set them up.  They are super sweet and funny!!   Then our madame came home, her name is Sarah! 🙂   She is a wonderful hostess! After we chatted for a while (in english) we moved all of our luggage into our room and got situated.  

At 1 pm we had originally planned to meet our good friend Lauren down at the Louvre!  Well, when we planned it we weren’t really thinking that its one of the MAIN tourist attractions in Paris, so it soon became impossible to find her!  We then walked for about 25 or 30 minutes to our school, CUPA, to pick up our metro passes.  Then it turns out that its Pentecost so we can’t activate our passes until the next day!  So we were exhausted from walking so much,  then we found the train and headed home!  We had salmon, rice, and bread for dinner!  We also had wine, but we all know that I don’t have the likes for wine. haha but i drank some anyway! 🙂 After dinner, we shower and crashed!! 



We woke up at 8am to have breakfast with our madame and two american friends!  We had bread, butter, jam, and coffee in a bowl, they said this was the traditional way to drink it!! 🙂  Around 9 am we headed down to the metro, which is about two blocks away! Then we rode into school and got off at a different stop to test the waters.  We arrived 25 minutes early to school and I printed my homework out and we talked to other students in our classes.  Madame Level came and we started class, there is 14 people in my first class.  Then after an hour or so we switched classes and Dr. Valahu taught us for about an hour or so.  Then everyone in BIP (Baylor In Paris) met up and we received our lunch money and metro passes.  After that “brief” meeting we headed out to load our metro passes and walked across the beautiful gardens of Luxembourg, which is a block from our school!  After that, Brittany, Lauren and I decided to walk around and find lunch!  We ate at a wonderful cafe and the food was delicious!  We took the metro to the Opera house to exchange money and it was beautiful!  

The opera house!

The opera house!

Then we took the metro to this place where Lauren had heard there was an open air market! And once we got there we couldn’t find it! hahaha so we had a wonderful time just walking around!  We asked two people if they knew where it was and both said it was already closed.  We stopped in a dessert place and i got a delicious tart with fruit on top!! 🙂

My yummy dessert!!

My yummy dessert!!

 We then walked all around that area and had no idea where we were going! It was so fun and we saw such neat places and people and things!  We ran into the gare de lyon and it was huugee and pretty! 🙂

Gare de Lyon

Gare de Lyon

 Then we walked to the place de bastille….

place de bastille

place de bastille

and walked around a music store there.  Then our metro ride home began…..

We got on a train to just take for like five stops then we were switching lines.  Well, once we got down there, like 800 other people had the same idea, we then figured out paris’ rush hour! It went super slow and it was super crowded!  Several times our train stopped in the middle of the underground, not at a stop.  It was quite scary!! Only once did all the lights go out! After we switched to our usual line we had to stand for 14 stops!  It was a long trip across all of paris! We were late for dinner but it was ok because they were just drinking wine and talking! 🙂 We had chicken for dinner with this wonderful mushroom sauce, and i hate mushrooms usually! hahaha we also had fresh fruit and bread! We just sat around talking until 9:30! Such wonderful conversation!! I will miss our american friends but they are ready to go home! 🙂  After dinner, I started to feel the shock from walking around so much! hahaha i cant even remember the last time i worked out! 

As you can see, my trip is going wonderful!  I am so blessed to have such wonderful host family and just being able to go on this trip is great!!  I will write again soon! 🙂


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