J’aime Paris! :)


Bonjour!! 🙂 J’ai un merveilleux fois à Paris!  (I am having a wonderful time in Paris!!)  Today, we had class and then we decided we were going to hang out with Kevin and Skyler, 2 out of the 4 boys on the trip! haha we got lost for a while, but it was still entertaining! 🙂  We found this beautiful fountain and here is a picture: Pretty fountainAfter find this place we heading back into the right direction…thanks to my “getting lost skills” and then “finding our way back” skills. hahaha and the persistence of others to get on the right path 🙂  We decided to head to our side of town and to hang out at the Eiffel tower!  It was a beautiful day and we had a picnic right below the tower!  picnicWe met an airforce guy from the US and there were also like a million police men just sitting in vans. It was creepy!  We walked under the Eiffel tower and this is where we encountered the “gyps” as we call them.  They are the gypsies of Paris and they are just people with paper in there hands with english words written on them like “my mom is sick, help us” and etc.  What they say out loud is “Do you speak english??”  Everyone just needs to know to say “NO” and keep walking.  At least thats what i do.  Here in Paris the government gives all homeless people 500 euros a month, at least thats the rumor on the street!  I also got my ice cream that i have been craving at the Eiffel Tower.  Its the best ice cream and at my favorite place in the whole world! 🙂 ice cream!We later ran into one that was dressed like King Tut.  It was hilarious! We then walked to the Pont Alexandre III bridge! It was beautiful!  We saw a lady who was taking her wedding pictures there and there was  a wonderful view of the Eiffel tower in the background! She drove up in an old convertible! I just want to be a photographer for the rest of my life! haha it was a wonderful moment! We took the metro home after a few minutes of confusion! 

We ate dinner and decided to go on a night adventure!  We were supposed to meet back up with Kevin and Sky but we never did! Oops!  We went to one of Laurens friends houses and met them and then headed back to Laurens house.  We decided quickly to get on the metro asap because little did we know that it closes at a certain time, 1 am! And we were cutting it close!   On the metro ride home this man was playing his gutair.   He proceeded to play “Wonderwall” on his gutair and sing it in english!  Brittany an d I loved it!  It was such a fun experience! 🙂


Today, we had a class trip to Versaille! 🙂  It was BEAUTIFUL!  Yes, I have been there before but its just amazing to see how people lived back in the classical days of Europe compared to us Americans who lived in huts with dirt roofs and stuff.  I just love the gardens too.  It is just amazing how someone can create a garden thats supposed to confuse you and then lead you to one of the most beautiful fountains or waterfall ever.  I love it! GatefluerLa Ha bRAnd finally, almost the whole group!

group versailleAfter Versailles, Lauren and Brittany and I ventured to PLANET SUSHI! haha it was an awesome restaurant!  They had a moving track thing that they had the plates of sushi on and you would just pick which ever one you wanted. It was delicious! In reality, we had no idea what we were grabbing.  The pictures in the menu didn’t give the food on the plates justice. haha We also got some dessert rolls which were like nutella and stuff.  sushiAfter Planet Sushi, we found ourselves a crepe!  I feel like all we do is eat…haha.  We walked around some more and found some cute shops!  I decided to head home early because we had a test on friday! 🙂  I got some studying in and possibly took a shower? I don’t remember! haha! 


Today, we had our test. It was pretty good, of course we have not gotten grades back yet but i think it went well!  After class, we decided to try going to the flea market again!  So we took the metro alllll the way to clingnancourt which is a forever ride from school.  But we finally made it.  Only to realize we are in the sketchiest part of town and the flea market is not open. hahaha.  We went to BHV, which is a department store here in Paris and i bought my self a little european straightener! haha my chi would just never turn on, i figured it would blow up or something but it just didn’t turn on. haha so i got one for here and it was pretty cheap! It does the job though.  After that we went back home and took a nap!  We met back up with Lauren and Kevin later.  We walked around by school and found a really cute cafe and just had drinks and good conversation! girls metroWe went to a Pub, where i encountered some bathroom problems.  Not physically, just mentally.  The sign strictly said, Les Toilets and i tried to open the door but it seemed to be locked!! So i just leaned against the wall and waited.  P.S. This is downstairs in like the basement area, where the pool tables are.  A man comes down the stairs and just barges into the door i had just tried to open!  I was shocked and confused.  I just waited for him to come out and when i finally did, i went inside.  Inside i found two doors, one for girsl one for boys.. I was embarrassed. hahaha.  On the metro ride home we encountered our Wonderwall gutair player! What a fun night! 🙂


Today, we went to the Flea Market! On the day that it was really open. haha We met at cupa and took the loongg smelly metro ride out there again.  It was a really cool market!  They had really expensive leather pieces that were beautiful and then boxers with the metro stops on them. haha a very random market, but it was very fun!  After the market, we decided we wanted to go to the arc de triomph!  So we took the metro and ended up walking around a beautiful part of town! futureI loved it!  I would love to live here one day! haha  We had a great lunch at a cute cafe down here!  After that we just walked the champs elysee and ran into some friends from school!  It was fun actually seeing someone we knew on the streets! haha there had also been a rugby game today and some fans were dressed hilariously! They had painted their faces and were holding flags and were singing there theme songs loud and proud.   It was very funny!  Lauren came over and we walked to the monoprix, which is like Target, and then we had dinner tonight and our madame thought she was hilarious, which she is! 🙂  She kept the conversation flowing and we loved her being there! We had chicken with mushrooms and rice.  And cherrys and peaches with nectarines!  (Which is my favorite fruit right now, along with strawberries!!)  After dinner we decided to go to the eiffel tower at night!  It was soooo pretty, because i am obsessed with the effiel tower.  effiel towerI just love the atmosphere of being around it, but tonight was different.  There were tons of people heck-a-ling you to buy all kinds of random things! ” 1 EURO 1 EURO” and then there is us “NO GET AWAYYY” haha we got some rather pricey crepes and ice cream and hiked up to the museum steps which face the eiffel tower.  There were more people begging us to buy light up Eiffel towers which we either rudely or politely turned down..:) ladies towerAfter the eiffel tower we went home to sleep!  🙂


Today was a very lazy day!  We woke up and went to Notre Dame for the international service.  It was a really neat experience.  Everything was in french but they read a few verses in English.  The bulletins were in four different languages.ndAfter church we headed back to the school area to grab lunch.  We first went to this restaurant that we have been laughing at for days called Hippopotamus. Well it turns out that restaurants here don’t believe in splitting things so the waiter was really rude to us even though we were making a good attempt at speaking french.  So we left. haha We got lunch at a very cute italian cafe and then headed to the art market.  After that we went home and I got to talk to my parents on Skype! 🙂 What fun, because they finally got a camera and microphone.  We had some difficulties but we finally could see each other and talk! i love them!  After that i took a three hour nap and woke up and had dinner! haha I had roast pork or pork roast or whatever its called with rice and a lot of fruit! yum! 🙂  Brittany and I decided to go to the arc de triomphe to walk around!  There was also a beautiful sunset so i loved it! arc🙂  We got creme brulee and this apple tart!  They were both so yummy!  We took the metro home after dessert.  On the ride home we encountered a new way of earning money on the metro……A puppet show.  hahhhaha except we had the “behind the scenes” seats, since we were sitting behind the man with the puppet on his arm.  He even had put up a little black curtain he attached to the two poles on the metro. It was a very funny scene indeed.  It was an english song about riding a horse or bull or something and drinking tequila.  I can’t quite remember it right now but we about peed our pants laughing!  I am off to the Loire Valley for two days! 🙂


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